Make Custom Software in Seconds

Describe your idea and watch AI bring it to life.

Make anything you can imagine, using the full power of code, with zero technical burden.

Full Stack Apps

We provide real applications with database and server, not just mockups.

Instantly Deployed

Deploy your applications from your browser. Nothing to install or configure. It's ready to go.

Powerful AI

Our custom AI agents intelligently edit the application across all layers, ensuring no breaking changes, filling in the gaps where needed.

Use Cases

  • Startups
    Turn your idea into a reality
  • Ecommerce
    Build your online store
  • Business
    Streamline operations with internal tools
  • Data Analysis
    Make data-driven decisions
  • Consumer Apps
    Social media, productivity, wellbeing, education apps
  • Social Games
    Create engaging multiplayer games


A New Era of AI Apps

In the coming years, software will be rewritten to utilise an AI-first approach. All Oxygen apps are AI-native, with a built-in assistant to answer queries and take actions.

Device frame
Device frame

Why Choose Oxygen Computer

We offer a unique blend of simplicity and power.
  • Full Stack Apps

    Create comprehensive applications with front-end and back-end capabilities.
  • Fast Feedback

    Get immediate feedback and make adjustments in real-time.
  • Human in the Loop

    Your application is not a black box. Natural language descriptions let you understand, test and modify each component of your app. Giving you full control.

  • Advanced Architecture

    Our advanced architecture ensures your app can handle anything, including multiplayer, instant messaging and AI copilets.


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  • Free

    Idividuals starting out
    • 1 app
    • Limited integrations
    • Create Web apps
  • Creator

    Full creative power
    • Unlimited apps
    • All integrations
    • Web & Mobile apps
    • Technical support
  • Business

    Established Companies
    • Unlimited Apps
    • Enterprise Intergrations
    • Premium Support
    • Unlimited Automatic Scaling

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